- ManKind | Dir. Drew Florence - 
Mankind is a year three graphic communication campaign that tries to break the taboo around male domestic abuse. The Director and creator, Drew Florence has broke the stigma around the subject and communicated to an audience in a very creative way.
WINNER: Dragon Rouge Firestarters Competition - Drew Florence  
Role (Video) : DP, Editor, Co-Producer 
- Pupping Season| Dir. Lewis Adams - 
This is a video i shot at Winterton-on-Sea during pupping season. It shows the elements that the baby seals have to face while they are young and how humans have an impact on their habitat. 
- St Lukes, Information Resource Video | Dir. Lewis Adams -
The information resource video was created for St Lukes Hospice in association with the McMillan HOPE programme, it will be shown online and at hospices in England to explain what they're services entail. The video was made for the charity organisation for free as it will be used to educate and inform people with terminal illnesses, it was a great experience to work with such amazing people at the centre.

- Read Between The Lines | Dir. Lewis Adams -
A project that was created to visualise the work of the NUA graduate student Drew Florence, the outcome is intended to showcase the exhibition of his work and to demonstrate how augmented reality works.
- Dancing Astronaut Beer Commercial, Dir. Cordaux Films -
My role was second camera on this project, and the goal was to debut the new brand of beer to the target demographic of students in a fun and exciting way. The client was Dancing Astronaut a upcoming event and brand based in Norwich, UK.

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