My name is Lewis Adams, an ambitious BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image graduate with a lifelong obsession with cinematography and directing. Ideating and capturing compelling visual narratives has allowed me to push every brief to its creative limits, a theme which extends across both my commercial and self-initiated projects to create the eclectic portfolio of work found in my showreel today.
By working with a team of trusted freelancers and owning all the equipment used on set I offer high-quality video production at a competitive rate. Whether it's shooting a film, capturing a music video for emerging artists or editing an empowering commercial video for the Commonwealth Games, I always strive to push what is possible within the limits of budget and time to nail the brief and satisfy my creativity. 
Previously I worked as a Senior Producer / Director for Favoured Marketing Agency, creating and shooting commercial video content and managing all client video production. 6 months ago I took the leap to pursue my dream of running a production company full-time, continuing my passion and pushing what is possible in and out of the frame. 

For bookings please visit our contact page or call +44 7805 219609