Lewis Adams Productions LTD is a dynamic production company based in east London established in 2018. Our core focus lies in envisioning and capturing compelling visual narratives, pushing briefs beyond their perceived creative limits. 
Our strategic approach involves utilizing a diverse range of trusted freelancers and owning equipment in-house. This allows us to consistently deliver high-quality video production services at a competitive rate.
Our company excels in shooting commercial films, capturing music videos for emerging artists and editing empowering films for prestigious events like the Commonwealth Games. We are dedicated to developing creativity within the confines of budget, time and nailing the brief.  
Beyond our production work, we actively contribute to the filmmaking community by creating free networking events and offering valuable work experience. This company is trying to push what is possible in and out of the frame, shaping a new era of filmmakers. For those interested in video production services, booking inquiries can be made through our company's contact page. Join us in bringing your creative vision to life.